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16th March 2017 | Author: Lizzie Dixon

Blogging. You’ve probably heard that word a lot. You know you should do it – but you don’t quite know how to do it… or what the benefits of it is.

You’ve just heard it’s pretty important.

Well blogging is essential if you want to gain more traffic and improve your SEO presence. Today I’m going to tell you why you should be blogging to help your SEO, marketing and business efforts.

It Helps Drive Traffic to Your Website

Everyone wants more visitors to their website. More visitors means more potential customers… And who doesn’t want that?

As a digital marketing & SEO manager – every client I’ve ever worked with wants more visitors. Let’s use the following website as an example they offer a variety of MyProtein Discount Codes. This is the websites main form of monetisation.

So some one would be able to find this website by;
• Searching for Myprotein Discount Codes (and hopefully the website ranks)
• Sharing the website on social media – twitter, Facebook etc
• Email marketing
• The company could pay for traffic – but many affiliate schemes prohibit PPC bidding and it eats into the revenue and profits

So, having a page offering MyProtein Discount Codes, if ranking well, will drive traffic for that specific site… but there is so much scope to gain more traffic through blogging.

Someone looking for a MyProtein Discount Code is someone about to buy from Myprotein. What other types of information would they find useful? Think about the target market (hint: think about your target market)
• People looking for Myprotein product reviews
• People unsure what type of protein powder is best
• People who are looking to gain muscle or lose fat

Straight away – there are 3 category ideas for blog posts. This content serves a number of purposes:
• Allows your website to gain more potential SEO traffic
• Signals to Google your website & brand is an authority on this subject
• Captivates visitors and educates them, inciting trust in your brand.

If this website only offered discount codes – they would be severely limited in the amount of traffic they could hope to get. However reviewing products that Myprotein sells, writing buyers guides and providing posts to educate visitors about fitness and supplements provides potential to gain a lot more traffic.

Each time you post a new blog post, your website had 1 more indexed page in search engines. This means 1 more opportunity for people to find your brand. Each new blog post is a new page for you (and your followers) to share on social media.

Posting regular blogs helps to establish your presence on social media. It gives you something to share and drive people back to your website.

More Traffic = More Leads

With an established blog, you will have more traffic coming through to your website. With a blogging strategy & plan in place (make sure to attend my next Calm Digital hosted Blogging for Business talk to get the correct strategy) you will see more traffic coming to your website. From SEO, from social media, from email marketing. This increase in traffic means a chance to get more leads.

We’ll go back to using the above example, “Cheap Protein Discount Codes”.

In the same vein that each new blog post is another indexed page – every time you post a new blog it’s an opportunity to generate a new lead.

How do you do this?

By adding a lead-gen call to action on every blog post. This can be as simple as an email capture form, to a full on lead generation form.

Myprotein Discount Code Voucher

Myprotein Discount Code Voucher

The above post is a review for the supplement “Mutant Mass” on Cheap Protein Discount Codes. Right in the centre of that blog post is an email capture form. Aka – a lead generation CTA. Someone comes to the website having searched for a “Mutant Mass Review”. From here – they get the information they need. If the blog post is of good quality the visitor has a sense of trust from the brand.

Tying an incentive to a lead generation form – such as “Save up to 70% encourages people to fill in their email. People like to save money. So for the sake of filling in an email to be alerted of deals and discounts – they get something of value and you get a new person to market to.

The process someone goes through is:
• Visitor comes to website through blog post
• Visitor sees CTA embedded in blog post
• Visitor clicks the CTA/fills in form
• Your marketing list grows

The larger your email subscriber list – the more people you can market towards, which means the more sales or leads you can secure.

Blogging Establishes Your Business as an Authority

The best blogs will answer frequently asked questions from their customers or within that niche. If your business can create new, fresh content on a regular basis that is targeted to around your customers queries, it instantly positions your brand as an authority.

Let’s use the example of – a sports supplement ecommerce business. Imagine their customer service department gets an email may come through asking something along the lines of “I am lactose intolerant – what protein powder can I take”. Without even doing any research into the area – I’d imagine that’s a pretty common query.

Now imagine the delight that potential customer will have if a customer representative is able to send them a link to an article posted on site “The Ultimate Guide To Buying Protein Supplements” that covers all basis and makes recommendations on specific products for those that suffer with lactose-intolerance.

It’s hard to quantify just how much of an “authority” your brand is; much harder than quantifying sales or leads – that’s easy.

However if you can get your head around that not everything is business can be quantified to a specific numeric metric and are able to commit to blogging – you can reap the benefits of that by looking at the number of visitors various blog posts are bringing to your website.

Start Blogging for Your Business

Adam Foster training session on SEO and blogging for business

Adam Foster training session on SEO and blogging for business

If blogging is something you’ve always heard about – but don’t know the ins and outs of, then my talk on “Why Google Hates Your Blog” will give you actionable advice to get your started. You can also find me at if you need any more help with your blogging strategy.

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