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We love working with our colleagues at mima, so when they asked us to take part in the Teesside World Exposition of Art and Technology we jumped at the chance. We wanted to bring the world of 3D scan and 3D print to life for visitors, so we have transplanted Moments in 3D’s amazing whole body scanner and installed a hacked Xbox 360 Kinect to demo 3D scanning. If you haven’t visited mama’s amazing expo your missing out.


Launchpad Social Enterprise Bootcamp

Social Enterprise Start-Up Weekend

Budding social entrepreneurs worked the weekend in The Launchpad  to develop innovative business models that deliver social impact. Our amazing partner North East Social Enterprise Partnership ran a superb workshop and ideation session, culminating in pitching and business modelling. Each social entrepreneur can continue to explore their social enterprise through a series of bootcamps culminating in a potential grant award from UnLtd.

Social entreprenuers

Social Entrepreneurs

This Week in the Launchpad


Teesside get’s its very own Hackspace!

We gave a warm Launchpad welcome to Chris Corbett and his team from Teesside Hackspace. Teesside HacTeesside Hackspacekspace are a non-profit group trying to build a workshop in Middlesbrough where members can come to share tools and knowledge, meet people, learn, socialise and collaborate. A place to make your own projects a reality or help others with theirs.

Teesside Hackspace are recruiting members now so please head on over and sign up.

Our workshop programme is go!

Our first three skills development workshops are scheduled for March and April and they are  taking bookings fast. Mixing punchy engaging learning with fast paced networking this series of events combine 2hrs of skills development and contact building. Head over to skills network to book, Launchpad members can attend for free. Drop an email to Lizzie and she will send over a discount code.

The refurb continues.

We are pushing on with refurbishments to the Victoria Building, with new flooring spreading up the corridors and a new reception paint scheme. In response to member feedback we have added casual seating to the Co-Work lab and upgraded the WiFi.

Coming Soon…

  • Social Enterprise Start-Up Weekends!
  • Start Up Challenge with Transmit Startups!
  • SEO and Social Media training

This week in the Launchpad

This Week’s Highlights

Wednesday 11th November

6th Form Visit from Framwellgate School Durham

Students from Framwellgate School Durham visited Teesside Launchpad and spent time with @robopixelgames in their studio.  They played a pre-release version of Gun-annihilation and asked Robopixel founder Elliot Oldham questions about the games industry.



Megaoverdrive pitches to Microsoft

Our very own super talented start-up Mega Overdrive pitched to Microsoft today. We know that Georg and his team are destined for great things and we wish him well. More news to follow as it comes in…..


Tuesday 10th November

Co-Working Creates Connections!

Once again we had our friends at Colleagues On Tap facilitate a co-working event in the Launchpad. Games studio Hexdragonal Game showcased their amazing multiplayer title – Arclight Cascade and picked up some connections for sound and music production. That really is the benefit of co-working, the magic is in the mix.




This week in the Launchpad

This Week’s Highlights

Tuesday 8th September – Co-Working Rocks!

Tuesday was a great day here in the Launchpad, our friends from Colleagues On Tap brought their monthly Co-Working event into our Learning Space, which quickly spilled over next door into the Ideas Room, bringing graduates entrreprenuers , businesses professionals and students together in a collaborative cocktail of pitching, networking and contact swapping. Our next Co-Working day will be published shortly, they are free to attend for Teesside students, graduates, entrepreneurs and staff.  We are also planning a quarterly CEO Co-Working day….watch this space.

Coworking Teesside Launchpad

Coworking @ Teesside Launchpad

Monday 6th September

We welcome an amazing new intake of graduate start-ups into the Launchpad.

Orca –  The world first genuine “social” network. A platform for engaging in adventures and experiences.

Inviite – An amazing bluetooth beacon powered platform to help venues drive footfall and benefit from in depth analytics.

Hexdragonal – With their first game Arclight Cascade already up on Steam this team are set to be a huge success in the indie games sector.

Mega Ovedrive – Bringing rapid development toolsets to market for the 3D games industry.

News News News

What’s next in the Victoria Building re-boot?

We are about to start work on our very own Co-Working and Hot Desking space. Giving our graduate entrepreneurs, partners and staff an exciting place to work, and hopefully collaborate on new projects.

Opening October 2015…

Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space


This week in the Launchpad

This Week’s Highlights

Launchpad spaces are ready…

All three rooms are now furnished and ready for action! We have a unique collection of spaces for Teesside’s entrepreneurs to call home. An open space for collaboration and innovation. Our very own StartUp space.

Over the next few weeks we will be opening the spaces for viewings with activities and bookings starting in August.

Our Spaces:

  • Maker Space – x2 3D Printers, x2 Sewing Machines, Embroiderer, Overlocker, Soldering station.
  • Ideation Space – Xbox One, 1080p Projection, 7.1 Surround Sound, 3D Smart TV, WiFi Presentation.
  • Learning Space – 720p Projection, flexible seating, juice, sweets, tea & coffee.
  • Co-Working Space – Dual screen PCs, Free WiFi, print and copy, hot desks. COMING SOON


3D Scanning Booth Comes to Life!

As the first project to find a home in our maker space this really is something special. A Raspberry Pi powered 3D scanning booth with x100 Pis powering x100 Pi cameras. Step in to the space age structure and your body is scanned, imaged and replicated on screen in a 3D model that is, well it’s you!


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This Week in the Launchpad

This Week’s Highlights

Launchpad spaces are taking shape…

All three rooms are now painted, have beautiful new flooring and are ready to receive furniture and kit. Pictures, fabric samples and suggestions boards on the way….


Raspberry Pi reception screen project

So as we are about to open a little maker space we thought it was time to get stuck into a project of our own. A Raspberry Pi powered reception events/jobs/announcements display.

So far we have :

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • 4G USB Drive
  • Wireless LAN
  • NOOBS card

Software all up and running and the obligatory Lego case constructed :)

The plan is to have a Google docs presentation running on the reception TV panel.

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This week in the Launchpad

This Week’s Highlights

Work has started!

So we have started to transform our old school into a vibrant space for campus start-ups and entrepreneurs. Our first three rooms are underway. Maker Space, Ideation Space and Learning Space.

V.06 Maker Space 3D 2 V.07 Ideation Space 3D 2 V.08 Learning Space 3D 2

Our campus make over team are busy painting, boarding out and flooring this week. In phase one…

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